Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Death to the CM

The CM of Kerala, V S Achuthanandan, said in press yesterday, "had it not been for Major Unnikrishnan, not even a dog would have come to his dad's home." I wish to retort in my own special way...

Son of a whore Mr. V S Achuthanandan,

I realized that the first part of your name (Achutha) translates to "untouchable". I use the term untouchable and not a politically correct one because that is exactly what you are. I hope you die a TERRIBLE death and wolves feast on your remains. I wish I could personally torture you to death. You are one of the biggest motherfuckers in the world who will sell his family for one fucking vote. That vote, my friend, you can shove in your ass when you rot in hell. I wish some day you die in one of these terrorist attacks and they take their own sweet time tearing you to pieces and burning your fuck ugly face to cinders. Your retarded brain can never comprehend the term sacrifice for the motherland.; I think that is because you sold your untouchable soul in order to get into that CM's chair. If I ever end up seeing you in person, I WILL NOT think twice about throwing away my entire future to shit by hitting you with the nearest available piece of rusted iron.


(My details are available on request, in case you want to come over to my house and get beaten to pulp)

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